Cobra Conversion Kit 9D-116 -

Cobra Conversion Kit 9D-116

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Cobra Conversion Kit (1986-1993) (WORKS WITH SE116) 9D-116

*Replaces 1986-1993 Cobra drives that shift in the lower unit.

*Does not replace King Cobra drives.

*The throw of the shifter must be changed. You may need to purchase a new shifter if your current one cannot change the throw of the shift cable.

*300HP Limit.

*Designed to work with the SE116 drive.

*The drive does need to be modified slightly.

*If the drive is ordered at the same time as the Conversion kit, we will modify the drive at no charge.


SEI's drives come standard with a three-year, fault-free warranty. This means that the unit is covered for any failure that requires the drive to be repaired or replaced. Run it without lubrication, crash into a stump, suck up some fishing line, it does not matter, the SEI drive is always covered. SEI believes this warranty is one of the best warranties ever offered for a stern drive or a outboard lower unit. Peace of mind while on the water is important, and SEI goes the extra distance to make sure that our products perform.