Dometic Steering Cable Advisory Notice

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Dometic Steering Cable Advisory Notice

AN2022006, Rev C - Sept 2022
Steering Cable Advisory - Dometic Marine has become aware of a few isolated cases of Dometic steering cables with defective retaining steering nuts. Occurrences to date have arisen during installation and inspection. However, the potential exists where a defective cable has passed through inspection and installation without detection. A defective cable degrades the ability to steer the boat in the starboard (right) direction. This may lead to loss of steering control, resulting in property damage, personal injury and/or death.
This issue has been identified on cables manufactured between the dates of April 26, 2022 (cable date code 22116) and August 19, 2022 (cable date code 22231) ONLY. If a date code is not present or not legible, consider the cable to be affected. Instructions are provided below to identify the affected date codes. 
Because of the possibility of steering disruption, cables with this range must be inspected and defective cables replaced as soon as possible.
All potential cables MUST have the cable identified and suspect cables replaced.
If you have a cable within the date code range, contact Dometic for replacement. 
How to Determine if Your Cable is Affected
1. Check the Model Type of Your Cable
Affected Models:
Rotary Steering
SSC62, SSC131, SSCX64
SS132, SS137, SS147
SSX176, SSX177
Rack Steering
SSC124, SSC134, SSCX154
SS141, SS151
Kicker Cables
2. Check the Packaging Date Code - Individual Cables
3. Check Cable Date of Manufacture if Package Date is Not Available
Cables are either heat stamped or laser marked with their information.
4. Return Goods Authorization

If procedures above identifies a suspect cable, contact Dometic customer support with the date code(s) of your cable(s).
Phone: (877) 663-8396, option 1

Dometic will provide an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) to exchange your cable.

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