SE106 Alpha One Gen I Sterndrives |

SE106 Alpha One Gen I Sterndrives

SE106 Alpha One® Gen I Sterndrive Applications

  • Replaces most Mercruiser Sterndrives 228 HP and up from 1974-1990.
  • Ships in two boxes. Comes with a 9-9/16 new style input yoke.
  • Does not include Complete Install Kit or Anode Kit. Please see related items below.
  • Up to 300 HP (SEI does not warranty applications over 300 HP)
  • Replaces Mercruiser Sterndrive 225-S 1974
  • Replaces Mercruiser Sterndrive 233 1975-1977
  • Replaces Mercruiser Sterndrive 250 1977
  • Replaces Mercruiser Sterndrive 260 1978-1982
  • Replaces Mercruiser Sterndrive 898/228 1977-1982
  • Replaces Mercruiser Sterndrive R/MR/Alpha One 1983-1990
  • Typical Mercruiser Sterndrive engine liter applications from 1983-1990 include 5.7L, 5.0L (4 barrel carb)
  • Typical Mercruiser Sterndrive engine cubic inch applications from 1983-1990 include 350, 305 (4 barrel carb)
  • Typical Mercruiser Sterndrive engine horsepower applications include 260, 230, 228

SEI's drives come standard with a three-yearfault-free warranty. This means that the unit is covered for any failure that requires the drive to be repaired or replaced. Run it without lubrication, crash into a stump, suck up some fishing line, it does not matter, the SEI drive is always covered. SEI believes this warranty is one of the best warranties ever offered for a stern drive or a outboard lower unit. Peace of mind while on the water is important, and SEI goes the extra distance to make sure that our products perform.