D3 Replacement Blade Set 10 X 9 | Piranha Propellers 109D

D3 Replacement Blade Set 10 X 9 | Piranha Propellers 109D - MacombMarineParts.com

D3 Replacement Blade Set 10 X 9 | Piranha Propellers 109D

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Replacement Blade Set D Series 10 X 9 | Piranha Propellers 109D

D3 Replacement Blade Set 10 x 9

A simple bi-directional geometry for general low horsepower motor use (approximatey 25 Hp and less). These blades can be used with E-style or D-style Piranha propeller hubs, but may have clearance problems when used with E-style propeller hubs on some motors.

The replaceable blades are manufactured from a specially formulated high-strength aerospace composite material. The manufacturing process is so precise, that the blade shape and pitch distribution is superior to Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Blade balance is no longer a problem as the Piranha Propellers blades are balanced to 2 times the industry standard. The precise balancing reduces lower unit damage caused by vibration.

If you are not sure if this blade is appropriate for your use, please contact us for a recommendation.

Please note this item is a pre-packaged SET of (3) propeller blades. Individual blades can be ordered separately.


Piranha Propellers Propulsion Kit D-Series 3-Blade | D3 Replacement Blade Set 10 x 9

You’ve probably already heard it all before from your veteran boating buddies, the folks at the marina, and every magazine writer in the business, that “You should always carry a spare boat propeller.” That’s not bad advice at all. But if you use a Piranha prop, we’ve got BETTER advice:

“Always carry Spare Blades!”

Piranha’s boat propeller offers the fastest repair time around, but it’s important to have the parts to do the repair with. Whether you use 3 blade boat propellers or 4 blade boat propellers, since you can’t break more blades than are on the prop, we encourage you to simply carry a full spare set. True, you probably won’t damage them all at once, but this way you can ensure the propeller remains properly balanced and maintains the correct propeller pitch. Besides, won’t you feel better knowing you can fix it if you do, without ruining the rest of your day?

Stronger than Aluminum

Repair or re-pitch in minutes

Does not corrode

Saves on repair costs

Piranha Propellers | Made in the USA


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