LasDrop Gen II Shaft Seal 2 In. Shaft G200-3

LasDrop Gen II Shaft Seal 2 In. Shaft G200-3

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LasDrop Gen II Shaft Seal 2 In. Shaft G200-3

  • Gen II Shaft Seal 2 in. Shaft

  • The Friction Ring assembly is mounted with a rigid connection hose and uses a carbon graphite sealing surface all encased by a durable copolymer housing

  • Cutlass bearing ensures proper alignment to the shaft even if the shaft itself is not aligned

  • The clamp pressure assembly secures the assembly around the shaft preventing galling or damage to the shaft that can occur with set screws

  • The 316 stainless steel ring floats on the ball bearing drive system maintaining complete contact with the carbon graphite seal surface

  • Seal ring features two rubber/fiber U-cup seals that rotate with the shaft and never wears out

  • Hose barbs are constructed of solid brass and are coated to prevent corrosion

  • Hose clamps are manufactured of 316 stainless steel with indentations rather than perforations providing twice the tensile strength and eliminating friction as in regular clamps

  • Two hose clamps provide for each connection point

  • Virtually no metal to metal contact eliminates the risk of electrolysis

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