Xtreme No Feedback Steering Kit 15Ft | SeaStar SSX17615

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Xtreme No Feedback Steering Kit 15Ft | SeaStar SSX17615

SeaStar Xtreme No Feedback Steering Kit 15Ft | SSX17615

No FeedBack steering kits with Xtreme steering cable includes everything needed to replace the steering of single-station boats with a single non-power assisted outboard engine (up to V6).

  • Xtreme No FeedBack rotary steering system
  • Complete kit includes rotary NFB helm, 90-degree bezel kit, SSCX64 Xtreme steering cable (specify length), and hardware
  • For single station boats with a single non-power assisted outboard engine up to V6
  • High-efficiency Xtreme cables feature a unique core that provides better cable flexibility and longer life expectancy than standard cables
  • Offers the smoothest mechanical steering system available and requires minimal steering effort
  • Exclusive No FeedBack steering mechanism is built into the helm to alleviate prop torque feedback by locking out steering loads
  • Quick connect helm and cable features make for a quick and simple installation
  • Drop-in replacement for nearly all Safe-T rotary steering systems without any dash modifications
  • Standard 3/4 in. tapered steering shaft
  • Accepts steering wheels up to 16" in diameter
  • Kit does not include steering wheel – sold separately
  • Stainless steel cable ends
  • Corrosion-resistant design to withstand the marine environment
  • High-density polyethylene outer cable jacket resists abrasion and water intrusion
  • Not for use with power-assisted steering


What Does No Feedback Mean?

Propeller rotation generates a load on the outboard engine in the direction of its rotation -- The boat is propelled forward causing the load to be fed back to the Helm resulting in a turn to the starboard direction. This prop torque makes it harder to steer a boat safely.

No Feedback is a SeaStar Solutions feature built into the helm which locks out steering loads caused by propeller torque thus:

  • Minimizing the Effects of the Feedback
  • Minimizing the Effort on the Operator to Steer the Boat

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